In twentieth Century to enter the era of modern commercial society, A time-honored brand, is immutable and frozen assets, profound, ancient, The old rigid liabilities. In 1997, only 34 years old, New York designer Mark Jakob (Marc Jacobs) to join the Cheap Longchamp, as group design director. He pioneered fashion series, has injected new vitality into the traditional symbol of Paris Longchamp boutique brand. Mark Jakob put forward "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, he combined the Longchamp Outlet Store classical style of the image, the traditional letters pattern printing pressure in the candy colored patent leather upper, with simple clothing series, make Longchamp image tends to lively fashion, to obtain the global fashion unanimous applause, it is this bold innovation opens the peak times of Longchamp Outlet. More surprising is the innovation in 2003, designer Marc Jacobs for the first time with the new Japanese artist Murakami Takashi to work, flower patterns on the fresh and lovely dolls and colorful, instead of Longchamp Le Pliage pattern to old-fashioned feel, with "naive" temptation in the world are all the rage. Perhaps such a bold innovation drive, let Louis Weedon over the years has been in the top luxury fashion class on the throne, the blend of the old and stable young and lovely luxury brands, succeeded in making his name has become synonymous with luxury.

Longchamp Outlet 09 Longchamp 09 early spring vacation series series to blue red and black three colors, with a large number of silk fabric, with dazzling color and soft luster to impress consumers. Cheap Longchamp has a modern urban fashion sense, emphasizing the perfect combination of clothing and fashion of real wear. But is different with the ordinary clothing, exclusive series will focus more on prominent leisure comfortable feeling, clothing in the use of color is more bold free, loose smock and slim dress are strong, with large ethnic customs accessories, let you enjoy the clothing to bring you to the elegant and comfortable.

Longchamp also bought Longchamp's 1/3 stake in the business. In 2000, the company opened his flagship store in Madison square. Perfume "Michael" also released. Also in that year, he won the CFDA Award for womenswear. Michael's own brand is the embodiment of American leisure style. Then he is how to treat the relationship between Celine and own brand? "They will have very big distinction. I was a typical American style, but the Celine noble gorgeous, more internationalization, for example it is used silk, chiffon, leather these expensive gorgeous fabrics. Combining both our personality, with a romantic luxury. I do Celine new clothes, which reflect the reality of life of women, can be very childish can be more mature." Today, Longchamp Outlet Store is always on the commute to New York and Paris Celine headquarters. His famous quote: "for senior clothing brand, can produce can dress in Shangjie clothes, and is not a sin."


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